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dontcha know it

29 October
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You are pretty emo. You understand the deep thought-provoking stylings of Brand New and can appreciate the words "The quiet things that no one ever knows". You probably have thick weezer glasses as well as a messenger bag to carry all your music and unsent love notes in. Last but not least, you have tight, tight pants.


Totoro is Cuddly Anime Love.

minnykittyat[Bad username: <center><a href=]
Ville Valo is love.

1990, ac/dc, acoustic guitar, activism, anarchy, andrea jeane jeffs, angel juan, ani difranco, animal rights, anti-meat, anti-religion, aqua, arianna badizadegan, art, austin texas, beastie boys, being single, being yourself, berries, blink182, bliss books, blue hair, blueberries, bob dylan, books, bush bashing, cheese, cherokee, cool moms, cuddling, curry, diana lorraine jeffs, dirk, diy, dropkick murphys, duck, dyed hair, dylan hart, dylan thomas, early november, edward scissorhands, emo, enya, eragon, europe, fag hag, fairy, fairy dust, fairy wings, film, flogging molly, foamy, francesca lia block, garbage, garlic, gay best friends, girls with boys names, green day, guitar, h.i.m., hair dye, halloween, hanging out, his infernal majesty, home schooling, hoodies, hugs, humor, instant messaging, irish punk, johnny depp, knitting, laughing, letters, liberals, livejournal, local bands, london, long sleepless nights, love, making movies, mashed potatoes, michael moore, movies, music, nbtsc, needle felting, nightmare before christmas, nofx, october 29th, paint by numbers, painting, peace, photography, politics, portland, pro choice, purple hair, rainbows, rainy days, raspberries, secret engagements, self-mutilation, senses fail, snow patrol, staying in touch, stripes, stuff, sunny days, taking back sunday, talking on the phone, that 70s show, the neverending story, the pixies, the scent of rain, thrift stores, thursday, travel, travis smith, unschooling, veganism, vegitarian food, ville valo, vintage clothes, wearing black, weetzie, weezer, wet felting, whatnot, witch baby, writing, yellowcard